Chair Fascia Classes

The Chair Massage Fascia Classes offered through Focus on Fascia, are based on Myofascial Release, a structural form of bodywork that not only works with stress reduction and pain relief, but can assist in returning the structure of the body to its natural, healthy state by releasing the restricted connective tissue (fascia).

SUPPLIES: Please bring your own massage chair if you have one. Sanitation materials will be provided.

INSTRUCTORS: Frances Nicolais, CMT or Alison Plesset, CMT.

COST: Classes are approximately $25 per CE hour, plus minimal fee for handouts and sanitation supplies.

SCHEDULE: Classes are currently scheduled at Hands on Healing Institute. To schedule at your facility, please email us.

Introduction to Chair Massage
8 CE hours

  • History of chair massage.
  • Styles of chair massage.
  • Types of massage chairs and how to care for, set up and tear down.
  • Suggestions for sanitation materials.
  • First Aid for chair massage.
  • Body mechanics for chair massage.
  • Learn a basic structural, therapeutic chair massage routine from 10 to 30 minutes.
  • This structural routine is used as the basis for all the chair massage classes at HHI.

Prerequisite: Enrollment in any Massage Therapy Program

Deep Healing with Chair Massage
7 CE hours

  • Developed for therapists who want to significantly impact their clients.
  • Improve body mechanics for chair massage.
  • Introduction to connective tissue (fascia) approach in the massage chair.
  • Enhance known chair routines to connect with the fascia.
  • Introduce myofascial trigger point release into chair massage.
  • Add deep healing techniques for low back, spine, shoulders, and neck.
  • Learn chair techniques for special needs clients.
  • Experience advanced techniques in alternate chair positions.
  • Uses sampling of techniques from Chair Massage I – III courses (63 hours)

Prerequisite: Any basic Chair Massage course

Chair Massage I: Enhanced Skills
21 CE hours

  • Fine-tune the basic structural chair routine learned in the HHI MT course.
  • Emphasize proper body mechanics.
  • Introduction to trigger point therapy for most common trigger points accessible in the massage chair.
  • Learn extensive chair massage techniques for the lower back, spine, shoulders, arms, hands and neck.
  • Learn how to effectively marketing techniques for retail locations, private parties, special events, health fairs, etc.
  • Students will also gain a better understanding on how to use MFR concepts safely in the chair.
  • Experience blindfolded chair massage to increase tactile skills.

Prerequisite: Any basic Chair Massage class, although tutoring may be required if deemed required by instructor

Chair Massage II: Advanced Skills
21 CE hours 

  • Extensive techniques for the legs and feet, in three different body positions.
  • Great healing techniques for headaches.
  • Advanced techniques to work on the body backwards for pregnancy, eye surgery, etc.
  • Amazing upright techniques for the neck, pecs and torso.
  • Learn excellent routine to use at social events and parties in a regular chair.
  • Additional marketing techniques using chair massage at corporations and businesses.
  • More emphasis on the connective tissue (fascia).
  • Hone your 5-minute chair massage to impress.
  • An opportunity to provide a 1-hour routine on a real client!

Prerequisite: Chair Massage I: Enhanced Skills

Chair Massage III: Focus on Fascia
21 CE hours

  • More complete myofascial release concepts into all the techniques learned in previous chair classes.
  • Instruction on quick body reading for structural imbalances before the client even gets on the chair.
  • Training to enhance strokes to release the fascia.
  • Basic dialoging to educate clients and help them with their own myofascial stretching.
  • How to use myofascial release to create a structural balance, greatly improving their client’s healing from the source, not just the symptoms.
  • Special bonus-inner oral techniques for TMJ release.


  • Chair Massage II: Advanced Skills
  • Intro to Fascial Anatomy, Intro to Myofascial Modalities, Home Study Course, or other MFR course approved by instructor