Self-Care for MTs

We have MANY classes to assist in the self-care and growth of massage therapists to allow for a long and healthy career!

The following classes are also open to the public:

– Myofascial Stretching
– Nutritional Awareness
– Somatic Movement

INSTRUCTOR: Frances Nicolais, CMT

COST: Classes are approximately $25 per CE hour, plus minimal fee for handouts/binders.

SCHEDULE: Classes are currently scheduled at Hands on Healing Institute. To schedule at your facility, please email us.

Artist’s Way for Bodyworkers
26 CE hours

Course Description:
This class will help you increase productivity and improve confidence so you can move forward with your massage career. Using the workbook as a guide, you will be lead through a comprehensive program to recover your creativity from a variety of blocks, including limited beliefs, fear, self-sabotage, resistance, perfectionism, self-criticism, jealousy, guilt, addictions and other inhibiting forces, replacing them with artistic confidence and productivity. You will learn practical tools to help you connect to your your intuition and the creative energies of the Universe. In-class activities and sharing will help you to incorporate more enthusiasm and innovation into your everyday life, encourage new ideas, risk-taking and a belief in yourself. Authentic expression and originality flourish. This is truly a spiritual path to your higher creativity. This class meets 13 times each week (or every other week), 2 hours each time.

Required materials:

9 CE hours

Course Description:
This 3-day course focuses on helping restore the body’s balance and the natural rejuvenation process it possess. The class will take you through a step-by-step process on how to detoxify yourself via such powerful tools like nutrition and different holistic therapies. This particular class will take participants through the “Master Cleanser” detoxification fast, if you choose. Please bring a doctor’s signature that you are physically able to participate in the fast.


Massage My Therapist, Please
3 non CE hours

Course Description:
Come to our workshop for massage therapists and their spouses, partners, boyfriends, girlfriends or just friends! They will learn 3 simple massage techniques using chairs, pillow and massage tables, to help YOU after a long day of massaging. You will also learn one of these techniques, so they can see how it’s supposed to feel!

Techniques introduced:

  • “Chair” Massage
  • Trigger Point Therapy
  • Thai Massage
  • Shiatsu
  • Myofascial Release
  • Deep Tissue

Required Materials:

  • Wear comfortable clothes
  • Set of twin sheets

Myofascial Stretching (part of the Focus on Fascia track)
7 CE hours

Class description:
This class will provide students with the fundamentals of fascial stretching for both themselves and to share with their clients. Students will learn how to feel the fascial barrier and waiting for the body to release on it’s own, restoring it to it’s proper length and function. Students will learn how to use fascia balls, chairs, walls and props to enhance their releases and unwinding experience. Students will learn which stretches are appropriate for various conditions, so they can also share this information with their clients to increase their healing, as well. Simple dialoging will be introduced, practiced and experienced.

Required Materials: All materials will be provided for use in class and available for purchase.

Nutritional Awareness
7 CE hours

Class description:
This fun & informative class will include an in-depth explanation on the basics of nutrition, beginning with the anatomy of the digestive system and how it works. You will then gain understanding on:

  • Roles of nutrients
  • Nights and unfortunate lows of metabolism
  • Dietary links between diet, aging and disease
  • Processed foods vs. fresh and/or organic foods
  • How to read food labels
  • How to determine and cope with food allergies and intolerances
  • Blood types and how it affects your body’s digestion
  • Common “diets” and why they work or don’t work
  • Sugar Blues and why it’s called that
  • What caffeine and alcohol really do to your body
  • That huge emotional attachment that we have to food and how to free yourself.

There will be specific details on the food which create higher levels of metabolic wastes in the muscles and the benefits of hydration (especially with electrolytes). We will have current information on determining and selecting vitamins and supplements and an introduction to muscles testing for dietary weaknesses. Classes will also include group lunch and snacks throughout the morning and afternoon (additional cost).

Personal Growth & Massage
4 CE hours

Class description:
Come learn how to free yourself from being “stuck” in your massage life, how to free your clients forms the same place and how these are integrally connected. You will discover, through individual presentations, how to recognize the masks we wear and the best way for you to break free of these masks through bodywork: learning, receiving and giving. Discover the connection between your own emotional and spiritual growth and your client’s. Topics covered:

  • Differences between right and left brain
  • Determining how balanced is your life
  • Kearney Temperament Sorter
  • Free Association
  • Receiving massage as a path to spiritual growth
  • How to change habits

Somatic Movement
4 CE hours

Class description:
Come learn how to heal yourself with Somatic Movement. This class will help re-educate the neuromuscular system toward greater health and well-being with hands-on movement techniques that can be practiced at home, with partners or with clients. This work can help in facing stress, pained illness, and also enhance the functioning of the body’s immune system. Topics included:

  • Definition of Somatic Movement
  • Expanded Somatic Movement
  • Chakra based Somatic Movement
  • Color based Somatic Movement
  • Vertical Somatic Movement

Taking Care of Tools
3 CE hours

Class description:
Playtime! This class is not to be missed! In 3 short hours, you will learn how to take care of all your body parts that you use to massage. In other words, the “tools” of your trade! Constant repetitive massage positioning creates the same problems in our bodies that our clients’ complain about in theirs. So learn what to do to relieve your stress area, and move forward with your own healing process. You will be taught how to use:

  • Fascia Balls
  • Golf Balls
  • Yoga Tune-up Balls
  • Still Point Inducers
  • Da Vinci Tools
  • Foam rollers
  • Fascia Cups
  • Essential Oils
  • And MORE!